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King House Music

2011-08-28 19:58:22 by 5kyLight

I have a new account now, if you're looking for new music by me then go there. This account isn't ever going to be updated again.

|| http://kinghousemusic.newgrounds.com/ ||


2011-07-27 15:20:42 by 5kyLight

So, I'm kind of "starting over" now. Got a new program, fresh new hardware, billions of ideas and I need a clean slate. So I guess I'm ditching SkyLight to make a new alias, one that I will really stick to for a long time. I'll post a link to my new profile here when I'm done making it but after that this account is dead.


2011-06-30 11:48:51 by 5kyLight

All my tracks have a higher rating than 4.0 yay!

New preview track!

2011-06-26 15:59:20 by 5kyLight

I got a new track up. Not the full version at all, but a preview just to let you guys know that I'M ALIVE

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /429929


2011-06-23 19:58:33 by 5kyLight


Expect lots of tracks coming your way :D
I got a desktop PC very recently, and I'm getting a new Macbook coming in July. Also I've got a much more organized space for doing my music stuffs. FL Studio 9 on a PC and Reason 5 on a Mac is probably my favorite DAW pairing yet. So, yeah. Rejoice! :D

Dead Computer

2011-05-07 13:18:39 by 5kyLight

So, my computer is 100% dead. I lost all of the data on it and it can't be recovered. When I get a new laptop I'm going to have to start everything over from scratch. Wish me luck :P


ELECTRO (again)

2011-04-20 21:10:24 by 5kyLight

So I took the parts I liked the most from the electro song I never posted and made an entirely new one that I actually like. It should be on NG in a matter of minutes :D

(also please don't murder me in the reviews if you don't like it, I haven't done very much with the genre)

Scrapped the electro

2011-04-10 17:50:06 by 5kyLight

Meh, the song I was gonna upload was pretty much a fail.

I'll probably work on some trance now :D

New song, will be a while

2011-04-03 13:05:34 by 5kyLight

So I made a new song, it's a hard-hitting electro tune.
It's going to be a while before it shows up on Newgrounds, though, because I have to MIX AND MASTER IT AND THAT WILL TAKE FOREVER



I finally got Reason 5.

2011-03-27 17:33:54 by 5kyLight

Kong is amazing.
Oh yeah, and the Dr. Octo Rex isn't that bad of an upgrade from Dr. Rex, either.
Reason 5 pretty much dominates.